Artistic Goals

Photography is a medium that can be used in a tremendous variety of ways portray what one sees.  My specific choice is to create by traditional craft a detailed image of the outdoor world as we see it.  The use of the term craft is meant in the traditional sense, with a very focused effort to provide an image with minimum grain to maximize detail and crispness.  All of my images are made with manual exposure, manual focus, traditional films, and hand-printed.  I prefer to use my own interpretation of exposure and focus for my images.  Black-and-white photography has been my life-long preference.  Many times a scene or image works exceptionally well in color; many images, however, are striking in black and white but not in color.  Railroads and lighthouses, special subjects for many of us, have been a life long preference since 1970.
My fine-art prints, fully framed or ready for framing, can be ordered by telephone.  My images have been purchased for corporate and personal collections around the United States and Canada. 


I originally used Minolta SRT-102, SRT-202, and the rare XK professional model with a wide variety of lenses.  In 1994, I added a Hasselblad 500C and several of the Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lenses.  The Hasselblad 2-1/4" x 2 1/4" format is especially appealing in landscapes and large images; however, so much of my 35mm work involves very slow speed films with minimum grain and high resolution that I find that use of the Hasselblad is the exception.  In 1996, I began using Nikon 35mm equipment, in addition to the Minolta and Hasselblad systems.  This includes 3 Nikon F3HPs and a variety of lenses.  A Nikkor 28mm PC (perspective control) wide angle is an excellent tool for many uses beyond architectural views, for which it was designed.  Other favorites are Nikkor 85mm f /1.4 and 105mm f /2.5 short telephoto lenses.
Films used include: Black-and-white:  Kodak Panatomic-X (until discontinued in 1990); Kodak Technical Pan (shot at ASA 25) - A very fine grain film with incredible sharpness and resolution; Kodak T400CN (since introduction in 1997).  Color transparencies: Kodak Kodachrome 25, 64 and 200, and Ektachrome E100S.  Color negative films (1985 to 1988): Kodak Ektar 25 and Ektar 100; Royal Gold 25 and 100.  


Andover Artist's Guild (Andover, MA)

Arts Institute of the Merrimack Valley (Methuen, MA)

Northern Vermont Artist Association (Vermont)

Helen Day Art Center (Stowe, VT)

York Art Association (York, ME)


Andover Artists Group, Art-in-the-Park 2009:
First Place, Photography, 2009
Best in Show, 2009
Image: "Winter Crossing, Heavy Snow, East Kingston NH, January 2009"

"Art In The Park", Andover Artists' Guild (Andover, MA): 
First Place photography (2008)

Topsfield Fair, Essex County Agricultural Society (Topsfield, MA): 
Professional Category, black and white, First Place (2000); Executive Director's Award (2000, 2001);  Black and White Honorable Mention (1998); Honorable Mention ("Merced River, Late Winter") (2002, 2003) Professional Category, Black & White; Honorable Mention (2005), Professional Category, Black and White; Honorable Mention (2005), Professional Category, Overall

"Art In The Park", Andover Artists' Guild (Andover, MA): 
First Place photography (2001)

For Art's Sake (Stowe, VT): 
Merit Award for photography (1997, 1999, 2001)

Arts Institute of the Merrimack Valley Winter Show (Lawrence, MA): 
First Place photography; Second Place photography (1999)

Beacon Hill Art Walk (Boston, MA):
First Place, photography (1992, 1997, 1998)

North Parish Art Exhibition (North Andover, MA):
Second Place, photography (1994)

The Nature Company 1991 International Juried Competition
(The Nature Company, Wrubel Gallery, Concord, MA):

Top 5, Botanical. Entries received from 300 photographers worldwide, the only such exhibition ever organized by the Nature Company.